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Friday video: And You Know

Posted by Tara in Video

After watching a bunch of My Drunk Kitchen episodes, I was checking random videos on Hannah Hart’s youtube channel and came across this. Tessa crazy loved it, and so did I.

Friday video: Al Green on Jonathan Ross

Posted by Tara in Video

This was Tessa’s favourite music video for months and months, sometimes the only thing that could pull her out of a rotten mood. We’ll feel forever indebted to Al Green for soothing our baby beast.


Friday video: 60,000 Dominos

Posted by Tara in Video

Tessa loves Flippycat videos, so this is something we’ll put on when she’s screaming and nothing else will do.

Safe vs Risky faith (video)

Posted by Tara in Personal, Video

Donald Miller posted this video on his blog. It’s a few years old, but it’s Frances Chan doing a great job of showing how Christians often choose a safe life over all else. I almost didn’t post this and then I thought about what he said again, so here you go.

Francis Chan on Taking Risks

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