Who needs toys?

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I once heard a comedian doing a bit about how babies don’t play with gifts, they play with the box the gift came in. He once decided to skip that and just gave his kid a box, and then the kid turned around and played with the bag the box was in. As the months go by, we’re learning Tessa’s a lot like that too.

Her very own bag of egg noodles

There are some toys Tessa’s loved, particularly a couple we got from Discovery Toys, but there’s nothing she loves better than something that’s not a toy at all. An old Folgers canister, Baby Mum-Mum wrappers and empty water bottles are her current favourites, but she even used to go crazy over a bag of new potatoes and no-name brand egg noodles.

Her tastes are occasionally¬†expensive, since she tries to get her hands on my Kindle, the camera or our laptops any chance she gets, but luckily we’ve thwarted her so far.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t spend all your money on baby toys. It’s not worth it and the photos are funnier when they’re playing with bags of food.

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