Nothing lasts forever

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Even before we became parents, Neil and I were bombarded with advice, more than we could ever remember. Much of it was excellent (some a little less…), but the best advice we got, bar none, was to always remember that everything is a phase, both the good and the bad.

Those words kept me going through Tessa’s colic, which I was sure would never end. But just like our family doctor told me she would, Tessa eventually grew out of it and became a very different, much happier baby. They also kept me going as tooth after tooth worked their way through her gums over the past six months, disrupting her sleep and moods.

I tried to remember those wise words during the weeks when she would sleep straight through for ten hours, several nights in a row, knowing that at some point she would start waking up in the middle of the night again. And on her lovely, silly, happy days, I try to appreciate them as much as possible, knowing that a bad day will come and I’ll want the positive memories to draw from.

Enjoy the great moments, hours and days because they won’t last. But don’t worry about the horrible ones either because, thankfully, they won’t last either.



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