Always say “yes”

Posted by Tara in Parenting

If you can only have one goal for the first year of your baby’s life, I firmly believe it should be to make it to the other side with a happy and healthy mom, baby and family. In my case that meant a few things: eating as much chocolate as I wanted for the first 5 months, taking long baths with my Kindle, relaxing our standards about how clean the house needed to be, and talking to other parents online and off. But the biggest sanity saver was saying “yes” almost every time someone offered us help.

Friends and family brought us food, my mom stayed with us for several weeks and cooked and cleaned, and Neil’s mum regularly visited and took the baby while I napped. Not only that, but when I asked my friend to bake muffins because I needed quick and easy breakfasts, she did it.

It’s easy to isolate yourself when you have a baby, but the people who love you do genuinely want to help. Let them share the burden and accept their offers, even if that also means asking for what you need. It will make those difficult first months a little easier, so you can be a better parent to your new baby.


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