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To all the people who are still subscribed to this blog, hello! It’s been a long time. This post is mostly to warn you that not only am I going to try to return to blogging, but that the focus of this blog is taking a huge shift.

Tessa, one day old

Tessa, one day old

In October of 2011 my life completely changed when I gave birth to my daughter. Like you would expect, my sleeping schedule went out the window, and my days were filled with feeding, changing, and basically just keeping this new little person alive. Parenting a newborn is sort of like being a life support system, and I really couldn’t comprehend that until I was in the middle of it.

When I was pregnant, I often told people that I thought having a baby would be the hardest and best thing I’ll have ever done. 4 months into the experience I can say that I underestimated both ends of that spectrum. I was talking about some of that recently with Sona, my good friend and former boss. Yesterday she gently nudged me back into blogging, pointing out that not only would it be good for me to talk about the challenges of the early days of parenting, but it might be good for other new parents to read too. So here we are.

Tessa, 4 months old

In the spirit of keeping the blog focused, I’ve taken down all of the old posts except the ones that were personal. To everyone who wrote film or book reviews for me over the past couple of years, I apologize for not consulting you before taking down your posts, but I’m sure you understand given the drastic shift in the direction of this site, and you’re more than welcome to republish them on your own sites.

So that’s basically it. I hope you enjoy my future posts and if anyone would like to contribute their own stories or experiences about parenting, please send them my way at tara (at) versusboredom (dot) com.



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  1. Rhett Soveran

    Welcome back! I look forward to reading as you move forward and am glad you’ve decided to do so—even if it’s as a mommyblogger. ;)

  2. Tara

    Thanks Rhett! It feels like a new, scary endeavor, but I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Mary

    Hello and welcome! Have to admit, I’m looking forward to this new blog. With 3 young children running around my time for books or movies (and the need/desire to read/discuss reviews of such) has been drastically decreased for several years now. Mommy issues however are a whole other issue and where, years ago, I wasn’t entertaining thoughts of child nutrition, the connection between allergies and eczema and early childhood development….that is currently my life. :)

  4. Thais Anda

    This is awesome Tara, I look forward to reading your blogs as much as you update them. I am a huge supporter. :)

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