I could not hate Scholarships Canada anymore than I do now

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Around 10 years ago, back when I was actually in university, I signed up for a service called Scholarships Canada. I thought it was great because it let me find the scholarships I was eligible for (hey, what student doesn’t want free money?).

Fast forward to this year. Despite not being in university since 2003, I’ve begun receiving emails from them. I thought that was weird, but whatever. I signed into my account, adjusted my settings so that I wouldn’t receive any further email and promptly forgot about them.

Well, forgot about them until a month later when I received yet another email telling me about my scholarship deadlines. This time I went into my account to confirm that I indeed had updated my settings, sent them an email asking them to cancel my account since I’m not a student and again, promptly forgot about them.

I think you know where this is going. After receiving another email in May, I sent them a very angry email making an empty threat to email all universities affiliated with them if they didn’t stop sending me email. I was kidding myself there–I’m not going to do that. I’m lazy. I have better things to do. But I’d hoped it would be effective.

Today I got another email. And while I’m not prepared to email every university to talk about what a bad service Scholarships Canada is, I am prepared to use my blog to tell anyone who does a Google search for them. But I’m still lazy, so rather than write up a rant right now, I’m going to use the perfectly adequate rant I emailed to them in May. Enjoy.

What do I have to do to stop receiving emails from you, because obviously deleting all of my scholarship data and opting out of everything didn’t work (see the attached screenshot of my email subscriptions). Continuing to send me email is ABUSIVE; STOP SENDING ME EMAIL.

Better than that, I also want you to DELETE MY ACCOUNT. I sent an email requesting that you do so a few weeks ago, but you clearly didn’t since I’M STILL RECEIVING YOUR EMAILS DESPITE MY SUBSCRIPTION PREFERENCES.

I have been out of school since 2003. I don’t need your services. More than that, by beginning to send me emails again in the last few months, you’ve proven to me that no one should use your services because all you’ll do is hound them years after anyone has outgrown their need of them.

Please send me email confirmation when my account is deleted or I will send a lengthy email about your abusive email practices to the awards office of all colleges and universities within Canada that are affiliated with your site.

Seriously. Cancel my account already.

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  1. Melanie Ann

    So much for privacy laws…

  2. Tara

    Thankfully I’ve had a friend help me report them as spammers.

  3. Angela

    Help. I have just signed up for this site. Did you get your account deleted? :/

  4. Tara

    @Angela I can’t seem to sign in, so I think they did finally delete my account.

  5. Scholarships

    Hi. I ended up changing all my info to fake info and making my email address
    so now they can get their own spam. Hopefully it works that way :)

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