Thursday photo: baby sock bouquet

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Neil’s sister brought this fantastic sock bouquet to the hospital when Tessa was born. Now the socks fit!

Who needs toys?

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I once heard a comedian doing a bit about how babies don’t play with gifts, they play with the box the gift came in. He once decided to skip that and just gave his kid a box, and then the kid turned around and played with the bag the box was in. As the months go by, we’re learning Tessa’s a lot like that too.

Her very own bag of egg noodles

There are some toys Tessa’s loved, particularly a couple we got from Discovery Toys, but there’s nothing she loves better than something that’s not a toy at all. An old Folgers canister, Baby Mum-Mum wrappers and empty water bottles are her current favourites, but she even used to go crazy over a bag of new potatoes and no-name brand egg noodles.

Her tastes are occasionally¬†expensive, since she tries to get her hands on my Kindle, the camera or our laptops any chance she gets, but luckily we’ve thwarted her so far.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t spend all your money on baby toys. It’s not worth it and the photos are funnier when they’re playing with bags of food.

Friday video: And You Know

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After watching a bunch of My Drunk Kitchen episodes, I was checking random videos on Hannah Hart’s youtube channel and came across this. Tessa crazy loved it, and so did I.

Thursday photo: Belated World Breastfeeding Week

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This should have gone up last Thursday during World Breastfeeding Week. It was taken within an hour of Tessa being born.

Worth it: The Baby Buddy

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Hanging out on the Baby Buddy.

I planned all along on nursing Tessa, so in anticipation of that I bought a breastfeeding pillow. Because I didn’t really know what I was looking for, I bought the first one I saw at Wal-Mart. It ended up being a great pillow for between my knees or under my tummy while trying to sleep during my third trimester, but it was a terrible nursing pillow because it was way too small.

Luckily for me, when I was in the post-partum ward at the hospital, they handed me a Baby Buddy. It was perfect for keeping Tessa at the right height for cross-cradle or football hold and I loved it so much that we got one to use at home from E-Children.

Tummy time on the Baby Buddy

We used it for tummy time as well as nursing, and it was large enough that I could also easily have my Kindle on there at the same time as the baby. Before travelling to Ontario for a month, I even had a second one shipped out to my parents’ house so I wouldn’t have to go without.

Tessa’s nine and a half months old and going strong with nursing, and the Baby Buddy still keeps her at the right height.¬†If you’re planning on nursing, I highly recommend getting a Baby Buddy.

Nothing lasts forever

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Even before we became parents, Neil and I were bombarded with advice, more than we could ever remember. Much of it was excellent (some a little less…), but the best advice we got, bar none, was to always remember that everything is a phase, both the good and the bad.

Those words kept me going through Tessa’s colic, which I was sure would never end. But just like our family doctor told me she would, Tessa eventually grew out of it and became a very different, much happier baby. They also kept me going as tooth after tooth worked their way through her gums over the past six months, disrupting her sleep and moods.

I tried to remember those wise words during the weeks when she would sleep straight through for ten hours, several nights in a row, knowing that at some point she would start waking up in the middle of the night again. And on her lovely, silly, happy days, I try to appreciate them as much as possible, knowing that a bad day will come and I’ll want the positive memories to draw from.

Enjoy the great moments, hours and days because they won’t last. But don’t worry about the horrible ones either because, thankfully, they won’t last either.



Friday video: Al Green on Jonathan Ross

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This was Tessa’s favourite music video for months and months, sometimes the only thing that could pull her out of a rotten mood. We’ll feel forever indebted to Al Green for soothing our baby beast.


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